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After moving, he often coughed. He thought it was a common cold, but it was formaldehyde poisoning

It's been nearly half a year since I moved into my new house, but I've been coughing all the time for a month, accompanied by a sore throat, and I haven't been able to get better. I thought that the common cold was getting better, but it didn't make me worry about it. So I contacted my old classmate who was a doctor and planned to have a detailed examination. After the examination, the classmate said that he did not find any problems. Later, he found out that I had moved to a new home. He said that it was probably formaldehyde poisoning.

I went home to find a professional and technical personnel home testing, the results found that formaldehyde content is more than 2 times! I am very puzzled, clearly in the decoration when the use of environmental protection materials, why formaldehyde content will exceed the standard? Professional and technical personnel said, in fact, environmental protection materials do not contain formaldehyde, but its quantity is controlled within the national regulations. But if the indoor decoration materials are added together, it will also cause the phenomenon of formaldehyde exceeding the standard.

Professional and technical personnel said that in fact, formaldehyde removal is not difficult, but also taught me three effective methods of formaldehyde removal. Method 1

This is a safe, harmless and effective new formaldehyde removal material. It can not only effectively adsorb formaldehyde, but also completely decompose the adsorbed formaldehyde into water vapor and carbon dioxide. In this way, it avoids the problems of full adsorption and secondary pollution, and the benign cycle process of adsorption and decomposition also makes it use for five years.

Method 2: formaldehyde removal spray

This is the material directly sprayed on the surface of formaldehyde emission source such as furniture, which can effectively control formaldehyde in the interior of articles. However, it is a chemical reagent, and the effect of spraying once is not long, but if it is frequently sprayed, it will affect the human body, so it can only be used as an auxiliary method.

Third point: use electric fans

This method to remove aldehyde is also more people will use, because this can avoid ventilation when the wind is too small limit. However, it can only work when the window can be opened, which is not suitable when the climate is colder. Therefore, there are still some limitations in this method, so it can only be used as an auxiliary method.