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Does sensitive skin do laser speckle can have harm?

Sensitive skin

It's easy to get a moth out of the way

Usual skin care

It's like walking on thin ice

I'm afraid I'm not careful

The mountains and the earth are falling apart

Buy skin care products is to choose again and again

Does that sensitive skin do laser freckle have harm?

Laser freckle sensitive muscle is also suitable

Laser freckle is a point-to-point method, using a specific wavelength of laser directly acting on the spot, will not have a stimulating effect on the surrounding skin.

As long as the skin does not have a very serious allergic phenomenon, can be laser freckle.

Not only that, it can also appropriately stimulate the regeneration of collagen, open the skin breathing channel, and improve the mild allergic skin, so girls can rest assured.

What should be paid attention to before and after laser?

Before laser:

Although sensitive muscles can do laser freckle removal, but it does not mean that you can take it lightly. Before doing laser freckle removal, you need to tell the doctor about your skin allergy, and the doctor must carefully check and judge according to the skin type of the beauty lover.

Be careful to sail for thousands of years, so beauty lovers should choose regular medical institutions. Only regular institutions, responsible and experienced doctors will "suit the right medicine" according to your skin, and properly adjust the laser intensity and energy during treatment.

After laser:

Laser freckle is suitable for sensitive skin, but it is necessary to do a good job of relevant nursing work after freckle removal.

Must keep the treatment area clean, avoid infection, pay attention to diet, do not eat food with high pigment content, to prevent pigmentation in local.

Such as coffee, and celery and other sensitive food.

Go out to do a good job in sun protection, timely supplement enough water and nutrition.