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Hisense frequency conversion air conditioning over current alarm fault processing method and fault code table

The current detection of frequency conversion air conditioner generally detects the current of outdoor unit or compressor. Therefore, the alarm over-current fault is that the working current of outdoor unit or compressor exceeds the rated value. The fault components include: (1) compressor (2) frequency conversion module (3) main power circuit current (4) abnormal current detection of current circuit (5) (6) poor ventilation and heat dissipation of indoor and outdoor heat exchangers will affect refrigerant gas liquid conversion and increase compressor load.

Because Hisense air conditioning models are too many, so today we will adjust several types to discuss the handling methods of over-current alarm fault.

1. Hisense kfr-3001gw / BP air conditioning compressor does not run, and the self inspection shows over-current code

Fault analysis: as shown in the figure, when the outdoor CPU analyzes the voltage of 18 pin current detection terminal exceeds 3.75V, the over-current protection is implemented.

Troubleshooting: observe that the outdoor fan operates normally and the outdoor heat exchanger is not dirty. Turn on the outdoor unit and measure the main power supply + 300V

The resistance between the compressor and the inverter module pins is normal. Check the current circuit. It is normal to test the secondary resistance of transformer bt201 by several hundred ohm and the forward and reverse resistance values of rectifier diode d206-d209 are connected. Continue to check Cp01 and cp207, found that C207 leakage, leading to CPU 18 pin current detection terminal voltage fluctuations, causing this fault, replacement and maintenance.

2. Hisense kfr-3001gw / BP air conditioning alarm under voltage fault

Fault analysis: the CPU judges the grid voltage value by analyzing the 17 pin voltage. When the 17 pin voltage is lower than 1.07 VDC, it judges that the grid voltage is lower than 120 VAC and performs under voltage protection.

Troubleshooting: the 5V of CPU is normal, and the voltage of 17 pin is less than 1V, which indicates that there is something wrong with the power grid voltage detection circuit. Check the vulnerable parts bt201 and r504 on this circuit, and the result is that r504 resistance value increases. Replace it and the air conditioner works normally.

3. Hisense kfr-3602gw / BP works for more than ten minutes, the current increases to 16a and stops

Fault analysis: generally, the poor heat dissipation of indoor and outdoor heat exchangers or the lack of oil in the refrigeration system lead to the gradual increase of compressor load and working current, and the over-current protection is directly implemented.

Troubleshooting: use the remote control to check the fault code and display "26", which means "over-current protection". Observe that the indoor fan operates normally, the indoor filter screen and the outdoor heat exchanger are not dirty. Check the refrigerant system and find oil stains, indicating that there is a leakage point. It is the leakage of fluorine in the refrigerant pipeline that causes serious loss of refrigeration oil of the compressor. When the compressor runs at high speed, the operating temperature is higher and higher, the refrigerant pressure in the pipeline is higher and higher, and the compressor load is heavier and heavier Over current protection shutdown. After repairing the leakage point, add refrigerant oil to the compressor, and then add refrigerant to the air conditioner for troubleshooting.