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How should people without professional financial training conduct financial investment?

Many investors want to make money, but they don't know how to participate in the market. They want to make money and are afraid that they will lose money after investment. This kind of mentality is not only a novice investor, but also a veteran who has been around for more than ten years. How should people without professional financial training conduct financial investment?

It's not their own disadvantage that investors have not received professional financial training. It can only be said that compared with financial practitioners, or some professional investors, they will be slightly inferior. However, they can still get a relatively good rate of return on investment while learning and doing, which requires mastering the methods of financial management. Riding a bull to see a bear thinks that investors can learn step by step. First, start with low-risk financial products. By doing so, investors can learn without the risk of loss of principal, and slowly feel the risks they can bear. In this way, they will not be able to do medium and high risks without knowing anything. Finally, the story of losing money is staged every day.

Investors can take advantage of their spare time of commuting and noon break to learn, learn through mobile phone financial app and financial news on major websites. Financial investors should not blind their eyes by one leaf, but should open their investment horizon as much as possible. Only in this way can they earn their own share of money. Riding a bull to see a bear thinks that investment never depends on luck to make continuous profits. Luck can only ensure that we earn more and earn less, and strength is the key to making money. Therefore, investors should be more rational in making money rather than always "gambling".

Investors should take out as little money as possible to "test the water" when they participate in medium and high-risk financial products. Even if they have made money in investment for a period of time, they can not easily add positions to participate. Because the investment market always gives investors a taste of "sweetness", and then falls back, which makes investors' funds deeply involved. As a result, the money earned in the early stage is "vomited" back. Riding a bull to see a bear thinks that when you start to contact with medium and high risk financial products, you should be more rational and invest only a part of your money. After half a year to one year, you can start to increase your position slowly. Otherwise, you will let yourself know what the gain outweighs the loss.