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How to design the official website page to attract users

How to design the official website pages of enterprises to make users willing to browse has always been the enterprise management want to know, because now is the Internet era, if an enterprise website can attract users, it is very hopeful to market these users, then it will make profits and let the enterprise develop. If you want to know how long a website page can attract users, just look down.

Enterprise official website design
1、 There should not be too many advertising positions in the web page

Many enterprise managers think that if you don't add advertising location, you will make a lot of money. In fact, this idea is wrong. If you want to make money from advertising, you have to have user traffic on your website. Let the people who put in advertisements know that your website has questions. If you don't have any user traffic, who will advertise. You can't add too much advertising on the page, because there is too little space for the content, which is not conducive to users to browse. It is suggested that the advertising position should be placed in some places that do not hinder the content of the website.

2、 Don't use too many colors on the web page

Some enterprise website page is really colorful, look at a few seconds will make the head very dizzy, this kind of page design is certainly relatively poor, generally speaking, the color in the page should not exceed too many, one main color and two auxiliary colors, in addition, the main color should be related to the content of the page. For example, if the content of the page is to sell agricultural products, it is certainly good to use green as the main color. Because users see green, they usually associate it with plants. On the contrary, it's not strange that you use black as the main color on your farm produce page.

3、 The details at the top and bottom of the page should be done well

The head of the page is very important, because some users will find the content they want through the navigation bar in the head. Generally speaking, there are fewer users at the bottom of the page, but some users will be more serious. They will read the enterprise website once when they buy things. If there is a problem at the bottom of the website, they will be dissatisfied. At the bottom, the record, contact information and the location of the enterprise should be added Address and so on.

Website page to attract Internet users is not as difficult as you think, as long as before the page design to do market research, know what kind of web page users like, the back design will be relatively simple, most enterprises are unable to do some, so page design or should find a professional website company to draft.