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How to manage money at the end of the year with the year-end bonus?

Another year, when the money bag is at its peak, some people are on the way to calculate the year-end bonus and some have already got it. Financial products also usher in the peak, how to choose the right one. Let's talk about it today.

A few years ago, there was a word called "asset shortage", which means that there is a lot of money in hand but no high-yield and safe assets can be found. This year's situation is slightly different, because the flood has already become the past style, and everyone's funds have shrunk. So there are not many corresponding asset choices.

On the other hand, the precise irrigation of the regulatory layer has a great impact on financial products. For fixed income products, interest rates are generally reduced, and even trust with high-yield reputation has downward adjustment.

The reason behind this is that funds are more encouraged to flow to the real economy in the form of equity. When the science and technology innovation board was opened, a lot of funds poured in. On the contrary, the real estate that once had unlimited scenery, all kinds of financing channels were stuck dead, there was the sound of investigation by the regulatory office.

However, considering that equity products need high risk tolerance. This period still focuses on fixed income products.

The first is the interest rate of CDs, which many investors will think needs a longer term lock-in. But in today's interest rate downturn, the long-term limit represents the ability to lock in future high returns. Moreover, from the perspective of interest rate changes, the Income Fluctuation of certificates of deposit is actually the highest.

One year period and three-year period were 2.298% and 4.143% respectively, with an increase of more than 50%. For non high net worth customers, this return is enough to deposit funds in it, after all, the safety factor of the deposit certificate has a strong endorsement.

The second is the short-term monetary fund. At the end of the year, in order to offset the scale, the fund company will raise the return of its monetary products. The 7-day annual return of some products can even exceed three months of bank financing.

However, this situation is becoming less and less this year, because many scale rankings do not include monetary funds. After losing the power, the arbitrage space of this product is actually getting smaller and smaller.

The third is structured deposits. This product is the most unpopular, and even a lot of senior investors have been talking about it. The reason lies in the word "structure", which means that the inferior beneficiaries need to bear a certain degree of risk.

However, in terms of products already launched in the market, the safety factor of structured deposits is still high. In fact, monetary funds also have the risk of falling below the net value, but it has hardly appeared once in history. By contrast, structured deposits can be trusted.

In terms of yield, the average six-month return of the product rose to 4.05%, which is more attractive than that of large certificates of deposit.