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Junior one students learn English, do not need to memorize words, can recognize words? Can you take the exam?

Today is the fourth one-on-one class that Xiao Xi and I learned. The girl who is quiet in writing can't finish the test paper in the first grade of junior high school. As long as you listen to this situation, the teachers can correctly judge: it must be that you don't know the words.

Such is the case.

In the first three classes, I took her to recognize the words in the vocabulary. Last week, I recognized the first half of module 6. A total of 14 key words were marked with colored pens on that page. She recited them for half an hour, but there were still three wrong words. For example, she can't even remember a letter. Two words form a phrase with six letters in total. Many students come at once, but it's very difficult for Xiao Xi.

Then I read the words in the second half of model 6 and Model 7. The words in front of me hold down Chinese, let her see English, and I can say the meaning of Chinese, but she hardly knows the words she read today.

"Teacher, why are these words so difficult?" Xiao Xi complained insincerely.

"Yes, most of the words before Model 6 have been learned in primary school. They are new words since Model 6. This is the first semester of junior high school, and the next semester of junior high school will be more difficult." I told her the truth in a matter of fact manner.

"It's so important to remember words! Words must be remembered. You know the teacher is a lot of senior three students, why do they fall behind in English? It's because they didn't memorize the words well for a period of time. Now they have to take the college entrance examination for half a year. It's just in a hurry. So it's really important to learn English and recite words! "

After listening to what I said, Xiao Xi lowered her head to recite the words.

I can't allow this situation to develop any more, so I immediately sent a link to my parents. Buy this course free to send a material, this material contains junior high school three years of all the words, parents test their children every night 10 words, a week is 70 words, adhere to a semester is 1300, the basic junior high school requirements of 1600 words recite almost.

Only in this way can we add up the amount of words that Xiao Xi owes in primary school as quickly and solidly as possible.

Junior one students learn English, do not need to memorize words, can recognize words? Can you take the exam?

At that moment, my childish idea flashed through my mind, that is, the students of grade one in junior high school can do well in the English exam without memorizing words, only knowing words. This is absolutely impossible, really impossible.

Why? Because Xiao Xi made an English paper today. She can't even spell driver, different, theatre, people, same, middle! All the words that she couldn't write were like invisible big palms, which hit me hard over and over again

"Julia, you are an old teacher! How can you have such an immature idea? Can students do well in English if they don't remember words? Fortunately, it was in the first semester of the first year of junior high school. If we put it in the next semester, it would be completely over. "

When class was over at noon, she had already walked down the stairs. I called out and asked her to spell the word people for me, but she still couldn't spell it out At that time, she couldn't write people. I told her the combination of letters, and I tested her coldly! How many people are there in Tony's family? Why is it that dozens of minutes have passed and all of them have been forgotten?!

Call your parents! brook no delay.

① Test 10 words every night, no matter what you want to complete, so the test of words is a long stream. If you don't recite words for a week, but come to my school on Saturday to recite them once, the effect is certainly not as good as reciting 10 words every day.

② The papers issued by the school have solved all the parts that can be done before coming to my class. I can check them when they come. I will guide her to do them together.

③ For the first three days, the child only copied one day's notes. This week, we must copy all the notes in our English notebooks. Next week, I have to recite them.

④ Recommend gaotu class to parents. Buy a class will send a material, the key is that this material is very comprehensive, all grammar points have a very detailed explanation, the most important thing is, it has a junior high school English vocabulary, get this book, start reciting words, also every day 10 insist to the holiday, we have a look at the effect.

Xiao Xi went out from my home after class, and her parents picked her up at the gate. During this time, I would like to make everything clear to the parents. Of course, it is the best that these words can not be said in front of the children.

The parents said that he had seen the child approaching him, so I hung up.

The mid-term exam is coming soon. I don't know what grade Xiao Xi will get back. But at least I have a clear direction of study: words. I have to take her dictation.

It is impossible to learn English well by recognizing words. Teachers should not have such childish ideas, nor can they give junior high school students a wrong guidance. It seems that "I can learn English well if I don't remember words". No, this is a deep trap. Once you fall into it, you will be doomed.