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Kitchen sewer blocked up, how to solve the water upward

If the kitchen sewer is blocked, it will lead to water flowing upward. How can the kitchen sewer block up and water rise up? Today, pchouse will answer for you one by one.

1. Find a wire with a diameter of 0.5-1 mm, 3-4 meters long, fold it in half from the middle, and then screw it into a strand. Then bend the two heads in different directions on the other side of the single head, and then extend this end into the sewer pipe, grasp the other end, and screw it in one direction while going inward.

If you can't screw it or reach it, you can pull it out. Don't screw it. Pull it directly. Some sundries can be pulled out. It can be dredged after several times. If the iron wire can't reach something, it is unblocked. The problem may be that the pipeline is blocked downstairs.

2. Pour 1 cup of washing powder into the clogged sewer, then pour 3 cups of hot water. If it doesn't clear the drain, pour another cup of vinegar into it.

3. You can find a round stick about the same size as the sewer pipe, insert it into the pipe, and then put a certain amount of water in the pool, and quickly pump the log up and down continuously. Under the action of suction and pressure, the clogged dirt in the pipe will be washed away.