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Sunflower planting does not need any technical content

Sunflower, the common name of Portulaca oleracea, is also known as Portulaca oleracea, Paeonia suffruticosa, Rhododendron chrysanthus, Diebu, Banzhilian, etc. it is annual or perennial succulent herb. It is not hardy, light loving, barren tolerant and likes dry sand soil. The propagation was carried out in April and may by sowing method. As the name suggests, they like sunshine very much. The soil with good drainage can meet the demand. In fact, the poor soil can grow normally as long as there is no water. I like high temperature. When the temperature is lower than 20 ℃, it will stop growing. If the temperature is lower than zero, it will cause freezing damage and even wither and death. In some areas below zero, they must be moved to the place with heating to survive the winter smoothly. During the winter, it is necessary to keep the soil slightly moist. If you want to plant the effect of round and round popcorn, you must constantly pinch the heart and topping, and the pinched branches will continue to be cutted in the original pot, which can take root and grow into new plants within a week. In fact, sunflower planting does not need any technical content, and it also saves worry. The basic conditions are met, and the whole summer has beautiful flowers.

Sunflower is mainly propagated by seed and has strong self sowing ability. The sun flower is not afraid of heat. It can't die in the heat. It's not afraid to dry. It's thirsty for a week or two, and then the drenching water recovers. Scutellaria barbata is not afraid of soaking. It's OK for three or five days. However, one of the most afraid, afraid of the winter, afraid of the cold, if the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the sunflower will stop growing, below 5 degrees will be frostbite. Above 0 degrees, if you are lucky, the branches near the roots will sprout in the coming year. Winter, we all know, to less water, move into the room, put in the sunny leeward, the best is in the south window. My side is OK, rarely lower than 5 degrees, outdoor winter basically no problem, but occasionally there will be frozen to death. Compared with winter, I am more worried about insect pests. The main pest in my side is aphids, which will happen once before the rainstorm. The light will not bloom, and the whole plant will not be able to photosynthesis and die. There are many solutions, but the most effective preventive measures are ventilation and sunshine. Early detection of insect pests, early kill them, so as to avoid the outbreak can not be done.

Sunflower is a kind of common flower, and it is easy to breed a large number of sunflowers even if a branch is inserted casually. It can be seen that its reproductive capacity is very strong, so it is often called "death". The same is true of sunflower as a potted plant. If it is carefully maintained and managed, it is easy to burst the pot. So, how does sunflower potted plant explode? In general, flowers can grow in arid and alkaline soil. However, the most suitable pH value for its growth is 5.8-6.5, and the soil has good permeability, so it should be mixed with 2 parts of peat, 1 part of vermiculite and 1 part of sand.

The results showed that the seeds could germinate at above 2 ℃, take root at 4-5 ℃ and sprout at 8-10 ℃; the suitable growth temperature of sunflower was 31-37 ℃, 18-30 ℃ in daytime and 10-18 ℃ in night. In the whole breeding process, the normal growth can be ensured if the temperature is kept above 10 ℃. When the temperature is higher than 25 ℃, it is necessary to keep the culture environment ventilated and keep warm when the temperature is lower than 13 ℃. Sunflowers like the sun, in the sun will bloom in the extraordinary gorgeous. In the whole growing season, it should be provided with sufficient light, so that it can grow luxuriantly. Because sunflower has a certain ability of drought resistance and high temperature tolerance, the more sufficient the light is, the more luxuriant the plant grows and the more gorgeous it blooms.

Sunflower has strong adaptability to the growth environment, and does not require high nutrient requirements. However, reasonable topdressing can make it grow more luxuriant, and its flowering quality is also higher. It is suggested that the diluted solution of potassium dihydrogen phosphate should be poured once every two weeks, so as to achieve the goal of gorgeous flowers and continuous blooming. Compared with other flowers and plants, sunflower disease is relatively less, the main pests are aphids, apricot bee, apricot shell beetle, etc., which can be sprayed in the new bud germination period, that is, flower bud expansion period. If we haven't planted sunflower before, we need to buy seeds to plant, or pinch a branch of sunflower and then come back for cutting. If the seed is bought, it should be evenly spread on the soil surface in early spring, and then keep the basin soil slightly moist. Basically, the seeds will sprout in about a week. If it is pinching, then directly insert the branches in the wet In the moist soil, it will take root in about a week, and then new branches will grow. When the new branches grow to about 10-15 cm, topping should be carried out to let them sprout more branches, so that there will be more flowers.