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What are the causes of toilet blockage

Toilets are usually very important items, because no matter who they are, they can't avoid such problems as going to the toilet. Therefore, as long as there is a problem with the toilet, everyone's attention will be focused on it. For example, in terms of dredging, the blockage of the toilet can be said to be the most common phenomenon. Since the toilet is to be used, its dredging will naturally get a place And if you do not dredge for a long time, the situation will be very troublesome, then the method of toilet? What are the causes of toilet blockage?

Methods of toilet access

You can find a half inch wide bamboo stick into the toilet, which can solve the problem and dredge the toilet. Most of the time, if the toilet flushes more, it will pass itself, especially if it is soluble or breakable articles such as soil and paper.

1. Use a leather bag or cloth mop

There are leather Chuai son at home can Chuai a few try, do not have leather Chuai son with cloth mop. First try to find a way to go down as far as possible, and then put the mop into the toilet, like using leather Chuai son to do piston movement up and down. It'll be through soon! The reason is estimated to be the mop into the water, after it is scattered, it looks like a pressure surface is formed when it goes down, and then it passes!

2. Large coke bottle

There is no leather chuozi at home, and there is no cloth mop. You can find a large coke bottle and cut it near the bottom. Then, like using leather Chuai son, aim at the pipe mouth, press from top to bottom, press several times more, and then dredge!

Note: be sure to cap the bottle.

3. Use tape

Prepare a roll of 30 cm wide yellow tape, and then wipe the edge of the toilet with toilet paper to facilitate the adhesive tape. Then glue the tape on the edge of the toilet, seal it, smooth the corners by hand and make the tape close to the edge of the toilet. Drain water, the tape will bulge under pressure, press the tape down by hand. If you're lucky, you'll get through it in a second!

What are the causes of toilet blockage

1. Toilet aging and blockage

If the toilet is used for a long time, it will naturally scale on the inner wall. If it is serious, it will block the air outlet of the toilet and cause the toilet to drain slowly. At this time, find the vent and scratch the dirt to make the toilet water smooth.

2. Toilet installation error

Generally, it can be divided into two parts: the outlet at the bottom is not aligned with the water outlet, the screw hole at the bottom of the toilet is completely sealed, which will cause the toilet water to be blocked, and the water level of the toilet tank is not high enough, which will affect the flushing effect.

3. Changing squatting toilet to toilet

Some old houses are equipped with squat pits when they are built, and the U-shaped waterproof elbow is used at the bottom of the sewer pipe. When creating a toilet again, it is better to replace the bottom elbow with a direct bend. If it can not be replaced, the bottom backwater bend must be cleaned before installing the toilet. When installing, do not let the cement or tile fragments fall in.

What the above content mainly describes is the method of making up the toilet? What are the specific reasons for toilet blockage? Toilet dredging is not a very complicated thing, because the toilet drainage pipe is not wide, so the general items can be quickly solved, but if there are some big situations, we need to consider more, especially the method selection, we must combine the reasons into it, otherwise, even if we make use of it With the method, the effect will not be very good.