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Will the hair get thicker and thicker? Does laser hair removal have side effect? Before depilation, you must finish reading this article!

There is no best way to depilate, only after weighing the pros and cons, choose the one that suits you.

March does not depilate, April kiwi fruit. Hairy embarrassment, who knows more

Spring is the golden time for fairies to depilate. When the early summer comes, when they show their arms and legs, they can take their time.

At the thought of depilation, many people have doubts

Will the shaving get thicker and thicker? Can depilate cream depilate harm skin? Is wax depilation really super painful? Does laser depilate have side effect to the body? ...

Don't worry. You'll understand it after reading this article.

Said in front of, there is no best way to depilate, only after weighing the pros and cons, choose suitable for their own.

How to select the specific, we have prepared two versions for you, we take what you need.

Lazy and quick to see the version:

Xueba deep research edition (with colored eggs at the back)

Will the hair get thicker and thicker?

Answer: No.

The number, thickness and distribution of hair are mainly affected by genes and hormones, and have nothing to do with shaving or not.

Depilating with depilation cream is the same as shaving, and it doesn't make the hair grow thicker.

Don't worry, cute. It's just your illusion.

Shaving and depilating with depilation cream both scrape off the soft part at the top of the hair, leaving a larger cross-section, so it feels rough and hard to feel, as if the body hair has become thicker. In fact, wait for the hair to grow.

Can that depilate cream hurt skin?

Answer: Yes.

The thioglycolic acid salt in depilatory cream, or barium sulfide, strontium sulfide, can quickly dissolve hair, but it is also easy to cause irritation and burns to the skin. So depilatory cream application time must not be too long, generally 5-10 minutes is good.

In addition, before using depilatory cream, we must try it in a small area first, and then use it in a large area.

Suitable parts of shaving / depilating cream: arms, thighs, cheeks, lips, eyebrows, etc.

Advantages: easy to operate, low cost, suitable for diligent and afraid of pain friends.

Disadvantages: only remove the part that grows out of the skin, so the maintenance time is generally only 2-3 days; it is easy to grow embedded hair (like goose bumps), and may cause infection.

Is wax depilation really super painful?

Answer: pain! What a pain!

The specific operation is to heat the wax, apply it to the place where the hair grows, wait for the wax to cool down and tear it off. Thousands of tweezers are pulling your hair at the same time. Do you think it hurts?

This method is suitable for armpit hair, lip hair, leg hair and chest hair.

Advantages: take off relatively clean, equivalent to the combination of shaving and plucking, the maintenance time is generally 3-6 weeks. It is suitable for men with high pain tolerance.

Disadvantages: life can not bear the pain! Violent avulsion may damage the skin barrier and induce skin inflammation.

Does laser freezing point depilation / household depilate instrument have side effect to the body?

Answer: No, it can be used safely.

Laser freezing point unhairing and household dehairing instrument depilation belong to the high-level playing method of depilation field.

The principle of the two methods is similar. High energy laser beam or intense pulsed light is used to target the melanin in the hair, concentrate the energy on the hair follicle, destroy the growing hair and remove it with roots.

Does laser hair removal affect perspiration?

Answer: No.

The sweat of skin depends on sweat glands, while the melanocytes in hair follicles and hair stem are affected by laser or intense pulsed light.

On the one hand, the opening of eccrine glands is not in the hair follicles; on the other hand, eccrine glands do not have melanin, which is not the target of laser.

So it will not affect the normal sweating of the skin!

How many times does laser hair removal need to be treated?

Laser hair removal is mainly on the growth of hair, but hair is not all in the growth period ah. After solving this wave, we have to continue to solve the problem when the next wave enters the growth period, so laser hair removal treatment needs 3-5 times.

The hair on the head and face is usually done once every 1.5 months, and the hair on the trunk and limbs is generally done every 2 months.

Can laser hair removal achieve permanent hair removal?

We can't talk about permanence. We can still achieve semi permanent.

Laser hair removal damage hair follicles is true, but do not forget that the human body itself has repair function.

After a few years, part of the hair follicle repair, hair or grow out of some. However, the hair that grows out again is much softer than the original one.

Household hair removal instrument uses strong pulsed light, the energy is smaller than the laser, the effect is not as long as laser hair removal, generally about half a year. Fortunately, it's also convenient. If you grow hair, you can make it at home.

Special reminder:

One month before and after depilation should be strictly sunscreen, otherwise prone to pigmentation.

Laser treatment day, can not use too hot water bath, also had better not use shower gel and other cleaning products, in order to avoid infection.

Although there are no side effects of laser / household hair removal instrument, there are still safety risks. For example, if you can't control it, you can get a skin burn. Therefore, we must go to the regular medical structure and choose the regular products.

Well, the common depilation methods are here, which would you like to choose, do you know? Here are some knowledge eggs for you: